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jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro rated Dial 'M' for Murder

8 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro rated Training Day

8 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro rated The Matrix

8 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote about The Matrix (8)

Many people write off films simply because they are "weird" "different" or "unnatural". But when the movie is set in a "weird, unusual, unnatural" place, this cannot be the only reason one dislikes the film. Once you wrap your mind around the curious idea of The Matrix, then you can to begin to see why it is such a classic. Many of the elements in the film revolutionized the genre for which it stands. You cannot overlook the innovation this film had and for that it should be respected. The direction [...] Read more

8 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro rated The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 and 1 other

10 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro rated Paranormal Activity 3

4 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote about Paranormal Activity 3

Shock Value: Shock value is a valuable tool for any horror filmmaker, but when it is the only plot element used, it certainly does not make an intriguing film. Too much shock value can dramatically reduce the value of a film and that's exactly what Paranormal Activity 3 did. As a fellow filmmaker, even the sudden scares it gave you were predictable. Nevertheless, this movie guarantees you to jump out of your seat a few times if you like that. Wanna be scared for 1hr 25min? Watch it. However, for [...] Read more

4 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro commented The new Filmaster and opinions on improving it (jjj)

Agree with most of that, also SYNCING with IMDB would be huge! (watchlist and rated films at least)

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote a review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes

To start off, I must explain that The Edge theatre is very cheap contrary to the flashy lights outside. Cheap and low quality for that matter. Moving on from that little distraction to the actual movie, Read the article

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote about Transformers: Dark of the Moon

From nearly zero expectations, Transformers 3 was surprisingly decent in sharp contrast to the highly anticipated Cars 2 that turned out to be a flop. Furthermore, Transformers 3 vastly improved on the previous film in its series, again, unlike Cars 2.

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote about Cars 2

I am going to have to side with the less than generous critics on this one. Many of the plot elements were ridiculous and/or unnecessary. The sections meant to heartfelt came off as cheesy. This movie badly lacked the Disney/Pixar touch that has made so many movies truly entertainment for all ages. Sorry Disney/Pixar fans, but Pixar did not deliver.

5 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote about 127 Hours

127 Hours was directed by Danny Boyle who also directed Slumdog Millionaire. The film's plot was set up to be an intensity driven story with the help of an incredible acting performance. Danny Boyle and James Franco delivered. It was all that you would expect from this movie. Not amazing, and certainly not bad. Good job.

8 stars

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote a review of Super 8

With the stylish storytelling of JJ Abrams and the youthful magic brought back like only Spielberg can do, Super 8 is summer movie for all. It's not necessarily the story of the movie that made it good, Read the article

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jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro commented Recommendations HELP

Is there a way to say "yes I like this recommendation" and "No I do not like this recommendation"???

jgpadgettpro jgpadgettpro wrote a review of The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker is an incredible movie. However, it is anti-war (which I strongly disagree with), but the film was so beautifully crafted I could care less about Bigelow's perception of war. It has a unique Read the article